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A Strong Communicator for Government and Citizens: District 9 needs a council member to fight consistently for the interests of all. I’ve served as a leader in several community and activist organizations over the past twenty years in Dallas. The mission of our work was to hold elected officials accountable. Four years ago, I was given the opportunity to serve the residents of East Dallas County in local government in a daily and hands-on way. Working at the County has allowed me to work across and with agencies that provide infrastructure, transit, public health services and public safety.

Working with Disenfranchised Populations: Across my activist and advocate career, I have learned about the issues of homelessness, mental illness, and criminal justice. More often than not, these issues intersect in serious ways. Homelessness is bigger than any one person, organization, or effort can resolve. There are encampments in White Rock Lake Park, across open spaces off of Shiloh Road, and along the train tracks next to Garland Road. Those experiencing homelessness need care and a path out of the often temporary situation that is housing insecurity. There are many efforts in Dallas to address this issue, but I believe we need to be better connected to create a unified regional solution.


Defending White Rock Lake: When I moved to Dallas from New Orleans twenty-seven years ago, I put 500 miles on my car looking at neighborhoods. I knew I had found home when I saw White Rock Lake. We must preserve the lake from the repeated attempts to privatize, commercialize, and exploit its natural beauty. Our district deserves a public space where anyone can go to hear the sound of water, to sit in the shade of old mature trees, or to walk and bike with family and friends. White Rock Lake is that place for District 9 and for so many others across our city and region.


Ethics in the City of Dallas: We must regain trust in our city government for and by the people who elected them. I've spent the last twenty years as a community organizer, sitting across the table from politicians and holding them accountable. The city will function better for all residents if we conduct independent audits of all contracts and departments, including regular audits of City Council financial statements. Each contract needs independent review by legal and community stakeholders. I have real solutions for this sordid issue of corruption. It's my commitment to you and to the city I love so dearly.


Public Safety: Every neighborhood deserves to be safe and protected in a way that respects our residents. Once elected, I want to create a program that allows citizens to communicate their concerns safely to the police department. This program can work with existing crime watch organizations and Neighborhood Police Officers.


Transportation for Every Resident: Different families and residents have different needs. Whether it is walking and biking trails, repairing local streets, improving DART or working with TxDOT on expanding Interstate 635, I will make sure District 9 gets the funding it needs for our neighbors to travel the way they choose. Dallas City Council has the majority of seats on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Board. We should have more say in an effective bus system that gets people to where they need to be instead of where the buses happen to go. The DART rail system is great but once you step off of a platform and need connections to go anywhere else, it becomes a difficult task. Above all, I promise to keep working hard on seeing every side and solution available.

Erin Moore for Dallas. Jo Sutton, Treasurer
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